MarColMar Firearms

MarColMar Firearms


Makers of the USA's Finest CETME L, LC, & LV Rifles.

MarColMar Firearms is an FFL / SOT / and Class II Manufacturer that specializes in bringing important historical military firearms back to life - for both collectors and shooters. Founded by Dave Bane in Richmond Indiana in 2007, MarColMar has been committed to merging modern manufacturing methods and materials, with surplus military parts, to recreate the most accurate, high quality, and reliable firearms available to the consumer market.

Our past projects and collaborations with other fine industry leaders, has resulted in some of the finest semi-auto firearm shooters and collectables, all of which have rapidly increased in demand and value – such as the Semi PKM, the Bulgarian AK-74, our milled Uk vz 59, and the UKM. Our latest project, the CETME L, will now expand our limited production – high quality philosophy - to a broader market, allowing many other enthusiasts to access our products and designs, and enjoy them for generations.

 Did you know?

  • MarColMar has built and shipped around 2,000 rifles so far.
  • MarColMar’s receiver is an exact copy of an original, and features the ejection port flare.
  • MarColMar’s receiver is robot welded using FANUC robots.
  • MarColMar’s receiver is finished in CERAKOTE ELITE, the best on offer.
  • MarColMar offers a lot of colors and options to make the Cetme L whatever the buyer wants. MarColMar’s green was extensively color matched to kits by Cerakote.
  • MarColMar offers a picatinny rail, as well as LCs, LVs or LV/S units.
  • MarColMar utilizes a Cold Hammer Forged barrel chambered and fluted by RCM, the best you can get.
  • MarColMar barrels are reengineered with a feed ramp, to aid in feeding.
  • MarColMar barrels are Nitride treated.
  • MarColMar furniture is an exact reproduction of the original, and utilizes Nylon 6… which is impervious to heat, cold, or degradation. The original furniture was polypropylene, which is by now in the process of degrading / oiling out.
  • MarColMar parts are individually inspected and refinished to military specification.
  • MarColMar guns ship with new spring sets, which were matched to the gun’s operating velocities via high speed video, and high speed photography analysis. Their springs are actually reconfigured and more powerful.
  • MarColMar redid the rear aperture of the sight, as it was way too small for modern builds.
  • MarColMar re-engineered the mag angle in the Mag well, to ensure better functioning with STANAG magazine.
  • MarColMar guns ship in a tactical rifle case, retail value $175.
  • MarColMar guns include a complete manual with info on the history, functioning and other helpful notes.


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